In Anarchy We Trust

Bookfairs are Go!
We are up and running for a Bristol Bookfair in 2013, target date early May, if the right venue in the right place is available. We have a new enlarged collective, a mix of old and new people, and plenty of energy. We may go for a Bookfair theme of something like ‘Radical Futures’, because presently things are shit and arent working at all for the majority of us – we all need a future and it wont happen without serious social change.

We ended up taking 2012 off, which is a shame, but you cant force these things if they aren’t meant to be. Looking around us we see society is bleak, with the majority being largely bullied into submission by the rich tiny minority. How can this be? Why is overt opposition and resistance in the UK apparently so low? By encouraging the exchange of ideas and debate about future alternatives, we at the Bookfair collective hope to do our bit to help warm things up in 2013.

If you’d like to get involved and make the 2013 Bookfair happen, then get in touch via There’ll be plenty to do!

In the meantime here’s a few upcoming events to tickle your fancy…
Wed 24 Oct at 8pm/£5 on the door – Free Pussy Riot Benefit. Details here.

Thur 25 Oct from 6.30pm/£donation – Kebele solidarity cafe & film night – benefit for Freedom anarchist newspaper. Food from 6.30pm, films from 7.30pm, details here.

Sat 27 Oct all day/£donation – London Anarchist Bookfair. The mummy of them all, attracting stalls, speakers and visitors from around the world. Well worth going at least once. some of us will be along to help out.

Also Sat 27 Oct in Bristol @ Trinity CentreThe Coup live (twice!). Hard n fast and kicking down the doors, direct from Oakland, California its one of the premier radical hip hop acts going. £10 to get in, but its a fundraiser for local radical happenings.

Thur 1 Nov from 8pm/£3 on door – Benefit for Bristol Defendant Solidarity (providing legal, financial & emotional support for anarchists and others). Featuring the amazing Drowning Dog & Malatesta, Clayton Blizzard and others at The Plough in Easton. About time we had a cracking night out in the Plough! Details here.

Tues 6 Nov at 8pm/£3 on door – Bristol Indymedia night at The Cube featuring a speaker from Abahlali base Mjondolo (Shack Dwellers Movement in South Africa).

AbM are a grassroots movement that originated around 2005, firstly in the squatter camps around Durban, with the slogan ‘No house, No land, No vote’. They have increasingly come into conflict with the state/ANC. One of them is coming over for the London Bookfair and is doing a 21 day speaking tour of the UK. This will be a great opportunity to hear a first hand account of the struggles of black South Africans against poverty, oppression, the bosses and the state. With many thousands of black miners continuing wildcat strikes, and being gunned down for their sins, the situation in SA is reaching a crisis point, and the ANC show no signs of being anything else than just another ruling class. Full details.