Horsemeat and bullshit for the masses

…tax cuts and maximised profits for the corporate chains
…and along the supply chain crap wages & working conditions for the workforce

You don’t have to be an anarchist to note that the ‘contaminated’ products are all based at the cheaper end of the market, mass produced products of dubious quality anyway, for the impoverished masses. Not much sign of products in posh shops and restaurantes requiring examination, wonder why?

deathcoThose supply chains, as exposed in the media, are long and complex – so many sub-contractors and middlemen, so much transportation, it’s amazing anyone makes any money at all. No doubt the workforce down that chain makes very little pay for very long hours. Supermarkets and the larger food producers use their economic power to force down supply prices, and therefore quality, as they attempt to dominate the markets and maximise their profits.

mancakesHoresmeat is no more healthy or unhealthy than any other mass produced meat for consumption, and its presence in products is probably amongst the least of your worries. There’ll be a lot shittier stuff in those burgers & lasagnes you can be sure. Veggies & vegans may be smiling over all this, but how safe is what they eat? Crop-spraying, GM and other scientific distortions, and who knows what else, does not by some magic wand not enter the non-meat/dairy food chain. Despite all the labelling and regulation, where there’s money to be made, you can be sure that crap will be added in.

lasagneneighThe British have a funny attitude to their meat. Dogs and cats are seen as pets, and not for eating. Horses too are pets, or working animals, and of course in the past a much slaughtered part of the war machine, but we dont want to eat them. But factory farmed flesh is just fine to swallow, and if you have the cash you can buy free range, or go and shoot your own on some rich bastards estate. Elsewhere people arent so fussy, they’ll eat whatever meat is locally available.

At the root of all this lies wealth distribution and cost. The increasingly impoverished working class, under multiple attack here and across Europe, has no choice than to buy whats cheap, however dodgy it may be. And the corporate chains are happy to provide it to us – for them food, and whatever they can get way with adding, is money. How do we break that vicious circle? In a world where wealth inequality grows greater daily, there is plenty of wealth to go around, but it remains concentrated in a tiny minority of hands. Distribute it more equally and everyone can afford better quality food, and the workers producing it will be better paid. Remove money, and profit, and greed, from the equation and we’ll really be getting somewhere.

That requries systemic change, our long turn goal, but not likely to happen tomorrow. In the meantime here’s a few ongoing options that have been suggested elsewhere:
zero horse2
1. Grow your own food, in your garden, or get an allotment. Even better do that as part of a community effort – community allotments, farms and food co-ops are on the increase, as is the practice of permaculture.
2. Eat communally – buying and cooking together reduces cost and can improve quality. Not-for-profit community cafes work in the same way. It helps build community too.
3. Taking back disused or unused land, land grabs, and ideas like ‘reclaim the fields‘ are a way of taking back land from the control of the very few and putting them to much better use.
4. Trolley runs, or proletarian shopping, has become a common practice in southern Europe such as Spain, Greece and Italy. Technically ‘illegal’ (its shoplifting), when done solely from large chainstores and the proceeds are distributed amongst the local population, it has enjoyed mass support.
5. Revenge. You work in a posh shop, bar, cafe or restaurante. You help get the workforce organised. You make sure you eat well and take some leftovers home. You can also add your own little contribution to whatever your posh customers are consuming, and it doesnt just have to be horsemeat disguised as beef.
6. Insert your own idea, share it around….