Greece – a harbinger of events to come

Solidarity with Greek workers & street militants!

As the global recession caused by capitals greed sees thousands of jobs cut across Bristol and the south west, hundreds of thousands cut across the UK, and millions condemned to unemployment across Europe and the world. We, some Bristol activists and anarchists, express solidarity with the Greek street fighters and working class in their inspiring struggle against their repressive state and the attacks by international capital. Today’s general strike in Greece, and the resistance of recent days, is an example for us all.

Solidarity poster
Solidarity poster

Whilst our efforts are minimal in comparison to current events in Greece, Italy and elsewhere, as the global recession unfolds locally and internationally there is the possibility that a new world of the future will blossom amidst the ruins of authoritarian capitalism. Over the next few years we will witness increasing attacks on normal working people and the unemployed – job losses, cuts in benefits & services, tax increases, homelessness and the growth of the prison society. Our choice will be meek compliance or resistance and social war. We support calls for solidarity with the struggles in Greece and elsewhere, let it take whatever form people feel appropriate. We know that regime change can only begin at home.

Whilst Amnesty International (see calls for an investigation into the police murder of Alexis on 6 December, police violence against peaceful protesters and further shooting incidents, we make no such distinction between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ protesters. Whilst liberal reformers seek to maintain the rule of law on the terms of capital and the state, we know that human rights and freedom will never be achieved by peacefully asking the state (or states) to investigate themselves. In the face of a tooled up and repressive police force and surveillance state, the best form of defence is attack.

For updates and background info on the situation in Greece:
Plus this article first posted on 7 December…41453

Some activists present at a recent prisoner solidarity & anti-prison meeting in Bristol were present when the Greek embassy in London was blockaded on Monday 8 December. See and and a further protest is expected there this week.

Useful Greek/English blog with excellent fotos/videos, including evidence of collusion between Greek fascist groups & the cops, and the use of undercover police agent provocateurs –

Excellent chronology of the month long Greek prisoner strike in November at….html

Italian Anomalous Wave rebellion: General Strike, Friday 12 December –


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already up!
already up!

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