Fundraiser for Bristol Defendant Solidarity

Thursday 1st November sees a cracker of a benefit for Bristol Defendant Solidarity (BDS) at The Plough in Easton, Bristol BS5 (suggested donation £3). It so happens that on this occassion the music on offer is excellent – tunes, words you can hear, bit of a laugh – but that’s largely incidental, what really matters is the solidarity itself.

Solidarity has always been integral to anarchism, solidarity – with those in struggle, with those struggling to survive, with those in direct conflict with the state/capital. This fundraiser sees largely anarchists organising it to support a largely anarchist initiated & run solidarity campaign (BDS) – a campaign that has supported not just anarchists and other ‘activists’, but as often as not ordinary, previously unknown people who’d come into conflict with the state and other agencies of capital, on numerous different occassions.

You can find out more about BDS here. You can show solidarity with them on 1st November. You could get involved with their vital work. And of course you can DIY.

Solidarity forever – we are many!