Exposing Universal Jobmatch

The UK Solidarity Federation have launched an excellent new online information portal dedicated to exposing Universal Jobmatch, a sneaky new online job search (dis)service designed to monitor benefit claimants and ultimately remove them from the jobless figures. The advice website is cunningly called Universal Jobmatch, and is available in English & Polish, with more translations coming soon. Do note that signing up to the job search (dis)service is NOT mandatory, see the website for info and your rights!

From the website: What is Universal Jobmatch?
Universal Jobmatch is a new job search website launched in November 2012 by the Department of Work and Pensions. The government wants to force everyone claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance to sign up to the website. This indicates that the primary purpose of the site is not to enable claimants to find work, but to be able to monitor their job search activity – and to then to enforce punitive measures against those claimants who fail to meet the constantly changing criteria within the jobseeker’s agreement. In short, Universal Jobmatch is not about helping people find work: it is about forcing people off benefits.”

solfedSolFed do a lot of work around the self-organisation of workers, and provide much info about workers and benefit claimants rights – for example campaigning against Workfare, another government scheme designed to provide businesses with free labour, and deny workers decent jobs. SolFed are closely linked to the Boycott Workfare campaign, which has had major success in forcing high street names out of workfare schemes. There is a local Bristol SolFed group.

iwwAnother local group doing sometimes similar work is Bristol IWW. Whilst not a specifically anarchist organisation, IWW believes in non-hierarchical self-organisation (one member one vote), whereby the strength of the union is based on the activity of its members and there is no reliance on overpaid union officials in distant offices. Bristol IWW focus on workplace advice, workers rights, solidarity, info and propaganda.

Get organised, get involved!