Exclusive! Limited edition Bookfair t-shirt fundraiser

Exclusive to the Bookfair!
Designed by the Bookfair’s very own top secret in-house artist, known to the world only as the deeply mysterious ‘s_t_u_f_f_i_t’.

tshirt_image2A top quality black T-shirt, for men and women, image on front only. Strictly limited edition, 50 only, £8 a pop. Buy one on the day so we can pay for the venue hire. Available only on the day, and only from the AK Press stall, who have agreed a strict no-commission deal with us to sell it. Form an orderly queue please.
If we catch any of you trying to sell it on Ebay you’re for the chop.
We can’t wait to see what Sky ‘thick’ News, the Daily Mail Wail,  Jankers wankers and Bonkers Burchill make of ‘gurt lush’!