Election over. Now for some real politics – check out these stalls!

Well thats another fairly pointless election over, where quite frankly whoever you voted for would still implement the cuts.

Perhaps the only really interesting bit will be the AV referendum result – who got the bloodiest nose, was it the anti-AV Tories, or the pro-AV Yellow Tories the LibDems? Will the government fall…? Now that would be a result.

Looking for some real alternatives? Check out the amazing array of stalls at the Bookfair this Saturday providing anarchist and radical views and analysis on all the topics under the sun, and some above it too. Alongside history, theory, analysis and debate, there are also explorations of real alternative ways of living our lives and organising ourselves.

babc_logoWe do of course have a very strong emphasis on local and south west groups. They are joined by some of the biggest anarchist distros and publications from around the country. Alongside regular attendees such as Active Distro, AK Press, Natterjack Press, Corporate Watch, Last Hours and Schnews, we also welcome for the first time Elephant Editions, Freedom Books/Press, the Kate Sharpley Library, PM Press and Shift mag. Welcome to one and all. If you have a thirst for ideas, information, alternatives and debate, this lot will sort you out.

Active Distro, AK Press, Alternative Documentation Centre (Manchester), Autonomedia/Minor Compositions, Bath Bomb/Bath Activist Network, Bristol Against Arms Trade, Bristol Anarcha-Feminists, Bristol Anarchist Federation, Bristol ABC Prisoner Support, Bristol Animal Rights Collective, Bristol Housing Action Movement, Bristol IWW, Bristol No Borders, Bristol PSC, Bristol Rising Tide, Bristol Solidarity Federation, Bristol Stop The War, Bristol & Bath Hunt Sabs, Corporate Watch, Dissident Island Radio, Easton Cowgirls/boys(The Village Group), Elephant Editions, Egypt Workers Solidarity, Freedom Press, FreeBus, Hereford Solidarity League/Hereford Heckler, Inforpress Centroamericana, Kebele Infoshop, Kiptik, Last Hours, Lib Com Journal, Local stall/Laura Wady & Object, Natterjack Press, Radical Routes, Reel News, Schnews, Shift mag, Smiling Chair Infoshop, Stop GM, Taunton Activist Collective
Plus Radical History Zone stalls: Bloom and Curl Bookshop, Breviary Stuff Publications, Bristol Radical History Group, Justseeds, Kate Sharpley Library, Living Easton, Northern Voices, PM Press, Richard Roberts (translator), Tangent Books

Hmmm you may be thinking, where’s so-and-so’s stall? Or why is so-and-so listed, they’re not anarchist? Well we can tell you the only stall that applied and didn’t make this list was a socialist party, no other ‘anarchist’ applications were received. Yes some of the stalls listed are not overtly anarchist. The RHZ is given autonomy to sort out their own stalls. We also accepted (because we had the space) some other stalls, mainly local, who whilst not ‘anarchist’ are influenced by aspects of anarchism or involve anarchists, or involve other respected local activists in them. We think they bring something to the mix and add to the debates. Lets see how it goes…