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Bristol’s Greek solidarity weekend – 27 & 28 March

2 nights, 2 events: The Greek Revolt Info Tour on Friday 27 March AND The Big Greek Benefit – Viva La Resisdance, on Saturday 28 March.

(26/3/09 Urgent Update – Greek Info Tour meeting cancelled, a speaker is ill in hospital. Sorry!!! Will try to reschedule. Gig is on so do come.) Continue reading Bristol’s Greek solidarity weekend – 27 & 28 March

Building bridges ‘in the summer of rage’

The Bristol Anarchist Bookfair Collective present a facilitated discussion & workshop on activist identity and public engagement. Plus share ideas and tactics for making the anarchist movement more visible and accessible to wider society.

Wednesday 18 March, 7pm for 7.30pm start.
Kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JY
Free/donation Continue reading Building bridges ‘in the summer of rage’

Callout For Anarchist Movement Conference 2009

June 6th/7th 2009, Queen Mary & Westfield College , Mile End, London

(Details taken from the Conference 09 website)

As the world economy heads deeper into an unprecedented recession, the spectre of social unrest is again spreading across Europe and the World. In the UK we have experienced an extended holiday from wide-spread class struggle as social democracy and capitalism worked hand in hand to maintain social peace. But as the guarantees of the banks have gone, so too have the guarantees that the state can manage the emerging social conflict, which could potentially turn into social rebellion unseen in the UK for decades. Continue reading Callout For Anarchist Movement Conference 2009

Upcoming Bookfair Collective Events

A contribution to the spring offensive….

Here is a selection of upcoming events that the Bookfair collective are either organising, or helping to organise, or actively supporting. There are of course many other events in the Bristol area, we recommend for starters you check the kebele social centre calendar, and the Bristol Indymedia calendar and newswire. More details of the following events will be posted in due course.
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Insurrection vs. Organisation?

On 23 January 2008 the American anarchist and writer Peter Gelderloos spoke at Kebele social centre on the subject of ‘Tactics for social change’. The talk was based on his recently released book ‘How non-violence protects the state’, and the meeting generated some healthy debate, not least on Bristol Indymedia.

Gelderloos has recently visited Greece, and has written a long piece posted on Infoshop titled ‘Insurrection vs Organisation – reflections from Greece on a pointless schism.’ The article begins with this historical quote:
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Invitation for the 2nd organising meeting for the Anarchist Conference 2009

Anarchist Conference will be on 6 & 7 June in London

The following callout has been circulated to anarchists across the country by the Practicalities Group, which was formed at the first anarchist conference planning meeting on 17 January.

To join the organising elist go here
To contact the organising group email

2nd planning meeting details and draft agenda

Date: Saturday 1pm-5pm February 21st , 2009
Venue: Marchmont Community Centre, 62 Marchmont Street, London, WC1N 1AB
Nearest Tubes: Euston (10 mins) , Kings Cross (7mins) , Russell Square (2 mins)
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