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A quick note on entrances

At the Black Swan please come in via the ‘side’ entrance (the one used for club nights, not the front area used as a pub during the day), which is in the yard next to the Black Swan.
If you require step free / wide access to the garden, which will be hosting the BBQ, please talk to us and we can open the gate for you.

At BASE (fka Kebele) the cafe door will be kept closed/locked, as this front area will be used as the kids space, and direct entrance on to the street is a bit of a risk!
Please enter via the door on foster street. If you require step free access to the main events room and to the accessible toilet, this is via the gate on robertson road.  If you require step-free access to the kid’s space (cafe area), please knock or otherwise get the attention of a bookfair collective or kid’s space volunter, and we will unlock the door to let you in.

This should be clearly sign posted on the day!

Food at the 2018 Bookfair!

We don’t just want to feed your minds, but your bellies as well!

From 12pm there will be a Vegan BBQ in the garden of the Black Swan. Serving up Jerk Tofu, BBQ Jackfruit and more.

Then at 6.30pm Bristol Food Not Bombs will be serving up an evening meal in BASE. All the fuel you’ll need to see you through the after-party or wherever else your evening takes you.

THERE WILL BE CAKE.  Along with tea and coffee, again available in the garden of the Black Swan.  Have no fear, the garden contains a large covered area, so rain will not prevent you from enjoying your delicious cake.

Kid’s BASE

For the younger rebels and trouble makers we have a range of anarchist inspired activities. They will be taking place at the Kid’s BASE (the front room on the ground floor of BASE/Kebele), from open ’till close.

12-1 – Placard making, Decorating balloons with your dreams for the future, co-op games
1-2 – “Decisions, Decisions” workshop
2-3 – Zine making
3-4 – Pie a Politician
4-5 – Mask Making, Flag Burning For Beginners, co-op games
5-6 – Antifascist Skittles

On going activities throughout the day include:
Badge making , Anarchists in Hiding, Coloured pens & paper, Anti-colouring book, Balloons, Cards for Prisoners, Kids’ story books

NB We ask parents and carers to stay and play with kids as this is not a creche.

You may also be interested in the event ‘Where are the children of the revolution?’ 12.30pm – 2pm in the Library at BASE/Kebele.

List of Stalls

Here’s  a list of the groups that have stalls at the Bookfair this year, for you to talk to, find out about, pick up merch from,  get leaflets from, or plot schemes with!

Active Distribution
Advisory Service for Squatters
Bad Table Manners Media
BASE (Kebele) Infoshop
Berkshire Antifa
Black Badger Printworks
Bristol Anarchist Black Cross
Bristol Anarchist Federation
Bristol Animal Rights Collective
Bristol Cable
Bristol Defendant Solidarity
Bristol Housing Action Movement
Bristol Hunt Saboteurs
Bristol Kurdish Solidarity
Bristol Radical History Group
Bristol Solidarity Federation
Cirencester Illegal Hunt Watch
Conspriacy of Queers Distro
Dog Section Press
Empty Cages Collective
Gloucester Badger Office
Hempen Co-op
Hydra Bookshop
Kat’N’Klown Books
London Squatters Distro
Mind the Art
PM Press
Princess Pirata Distro
Smash IPP
Three Counties Hunt Sabs
Wessex Solidarity

After Party

It’s not a Bristol Bookfair without an after party, and this years will not disappoint!

We have nineteen different acts, across two rooms, for you to party to for eight hours!

Carnival Punks will be hosting bands in the main room playing punk, hardcore, dub and folk

Meanwhile,  Pyratrix Circus will be getting lively in the second room with an eclectic mix of rave and party beats.

Facebook event is here for those of you that facebook!

All of this for only £8 with all the money being split between the Bookfair and anti-arms trade actions!  Invite your mates and lets party the night away.

Note, we will have a zero tolerance policy towards any abuse, harassment, assault or otherwise hostile and oppressive behaviour. If you have any concerns on the night we’ll be hanging by the door with the bouncers,  come speak to us.