Callout for Stalls and Workshops at the 2016 Bristol Anarchist Bookfair

BABF2016_1medBuilding an anarchist future

Call-out for workshops and stalls for the 2016 Bristol Anarchist Bookfair, which will be on Saturday 30th April 2016, from 11am – 6pm, at Trinity Centre, Trinity Rd, Bristol BS2 0NW.

If capitalism collapsed tomorrow would we be ready?
It’s hard to plan for an uncertain future, as we have no idea how things will play out. Nor is it realistic to think there will ever be a point where we will have reached our destination or ideal utopia.

However, we can work on building our resilience & solidarity & co-operation, experimenting with different ways of organising, exchanging skills & resources, growing food & sustainability, dealing with conflict. and so on.

The aim of this year’s Bookfair is to focus on the futureas capital’s global crisis deepens and conflicts escalate, with disastrous consequences for humanity & the planet, the need for lasting social revolution has never been greaterthe future is bright IF the future is anarchism! Here’s the details & forms for Stall bookings & Workshop proposals….

2016signpostFor this year’s bookfair we would really like to hear about workshops and discussions that are focused on skills/possibilities/solutions/ongoing struggles for the future. We would especially welcome participatory workshops where we can learn from each other and take steps to move away from the culture of the ‘expert’. We are looking for exciting, inspiring and empowering conversations at this year’s bookfair. We realise that acoustic issues in previous years have made discussion difficult. This year we will be moving spaces around a little to try to overcome this issue as much as possible. This means that rather than a main workshop space we will have a few smaller spaces, so that several conversations can happen at once.

Workshop Proposal Form: BAB2016workshops form (open office); BAB2016workshops form (word doc); BAB2016workshops form (pdf) 

If you would like to propose a workshop for this year’s bookfair please send your form to bristolBF-stalls[at] along with any questions you may have. The deadline for workshop proposals to be considered for the final programme is noon on Saturday 26th March.

BABC_logo_smallLast year’s bookfair had 60 stalls and it would be great to have that many again. All stall prices are being increased by £2 this year. Costs for the venue etc have increased and we felt that £2 should be manageable for distributors and activist groups.

Stalls Form: BABC2016 Stalls form (open office); BABC2016 Stalls form (word doc); BABC2016 Stalls form (pdf)

Prices at this year’s bookfair will be:
For South West activist groups, campaigns and distros – Early bird rate (before 14th February) £10 per table.
From 15th February onwards it will be £12 per table.

For National groups, campaigns, distros, publishers and bookshops – Early bird rate (before 14th February) £20 for one table, £34 for 2 tables, £42 for 3 tables.
From 15th February onwards will be £22 for one table, £37 for 2 tables, and £52 for 3 tables.

If you would like to have a stall this year please send in your form & payment to Bristol Bookfair, c/o 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JY. If you have any questions please contact bristolBF-stalls[at]

The deadline for Stalls to be included in the printed programme is noon on Saturday 26th March.

Please make sure that literature being distributed on stalls is in keeping with Bristol Anarchist Bookfair’s principles – see here.

In solidarity!
Bristol Anarchist Bookfair Collective