Call for Bookfair workshops and meetings

This is a reminder and final call to all groups, networks and individuals considering proposing a workshop/meeting/talk/debate etc at the 2011 Bristol Anarchist Bookfair. The deadline for receipt of any proposals is Wednesday 6 April at 12noon.

ahead_posterlargeProposals should be submitted by email using the workshops booking form. Please complete it fully. You can download here the forms. The Bookfair Collective will be meeting shortly after the deadline to consider all the proposals. In the event there are more proposals than spaces, we may well ask any similar proposals to join together if possible. If there are still too many: we will take into consideration topics being covered elsewhere in the Indymedia & RHZ zones at the bookfair; as well as deciding which proposals are of most relevance to the present situation generally, and to anarchists specifically. Last year we had 29 proposals, but ultimately only 15 spaces.

We have asked for proposals around the broad themes of ‘Resistance and Alternatives to the Cuts’, which is a pretty wide remit! Think perhaps about economics, anti-cuts action, workplace resistance & organising, global resources wars & resource scarcity, arms spending, alternatives to capitalism, how we organise, what we do and how/why, state repression, uprisings & rebellions & revolutions, nation states & borders, will Europe explode and/or implode, the nature of ‘work’, sustainable futures, reclaiming land and our cities, practical examples of resistance and of alternatives in the here and now, solidarity, mutual aid, internationalism, and much much more. Rather than lectures we encourage debate and discussion. A sharing of ideas, experience and knowledge.

For the workshops we presently have at least 14 hours of meeting space inside. There is also the potential for some outside workshops in a space at rear of the building, plus we’d welcome external events such as for instance local history walks, subvertising demonstrations, and the like. Use your imagination.

Finally note that your workshop proposal description is limited to an absolute max of 50 words BUT you are also welcome to send us an A4 black & white only PDF containing more info/details relating to your proposal – we intend to publish all these online, and possibly also in print, whether your proposal is actually in the programme or not. See form for details.

Lastly, STALLS – last few tables still available. If you want to book do it ASAP. Forms here.

We hope to hear from you soon…