Bristol’s Greek solidarity weekend – 27 & 28 March

2 nights, 2 events: The Greek Revolt Info Tour on Friday 27 March AND The Big Greek Benefit – Viva La Resisdance, on Saturday 28 March.

(26/3/09 Urgent Update – Greek Info Tour meeting cancelled, a speaker is ill in hospital. Sorry!!! Will try to reschedule. Gig is on so do come.)

Many of us were excited, gobsmacked even, by the events across Greece after a fascist cop shot dead Alexis, a 15 year old lad, in Athens on 6 December 2008. The revolt that followed shook the Greek ruling class, and made the rest of Europe’s rulers pretty nervous. That revolt continues today, with a huge diversity of tactics and involving a massive cross-section of Greek people, and continues to threaten the existence of the Greek government, and indeed the future of capitalism in Greece. As the rest or Europe warms up and resistance builds to the capitalist recession and state control, the situation in Greece remains both an inspiration, and a situation that requires our solidarity. The 2 Bristol events give us a chance to learn more, and express our solidarity in one way at least. There’s a cool film you can watch online for some background info and atmosphere: ‘The potentiality of storming heaven’

greek-tour2small1The Greek Revolt – Info Tour : Friday 27 March, 7.30pm, at Kebele social centre, Easton, Bristol BS5 6JY
All welcome. Free but donations requested for speakers expenses.

Hear eyewitness speakers, plus discussion:

  • On the events of last December & January, when anger exploded onto the streets after a fascist cop shot dead a teenager in Athens.
  • On the ongoing battles this March of workers, students, migrants, unemployed and squatters.
  • Updates on prisoners and defendants; the campaign around K Kuneva, migrant union activist attacked with acid; latest occupations and street battles; and how the resistance is fighting back and organising.

After 17 days of street battles last December, the situation in Greece remains very tense. Some say it is similar to Italy in the 1970’s, with strong social and worker movements facing a tooled up state working in collusion with fascist paramilitarist groups, whilst in the shadows operate alleged armed groups with sometimes questionable loyalties. In the midst of a growing economic crisis, and against a historical Greek background of police brutality and military coup, Europe’s ruling class watches Greece nervously, whilst radicals everywhere can learn much from the movements involved in the struggle as we face our own struggles.

28_mar_front-small2Viva La Resisdance – Bristol’s Big Greek Benefit : Saturday 28 March, 8pm to 2am, The Island, Silver St, Bristol BS1 2PY
A fundraiser for defendants and prisoners of the ongoing Greek revolt.

Background info & useful links:
info about migrant workers & general struggles
news & posts direct from Greece
libcom – news posted from Greece
insurrectionary info from Greece
Athens Indymedia – under state attack
‘How to organise an insurrection (in Greece)’ – interview/pamphlet
Bristol ABC Prisoner support group
For a brief roundup of a typical week (9 to 13 March) of struggles in Greece


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