Bristol IWW goes public on 22 August

The recently formed, but not yet fully ratified, Bristol branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) goes public this Saturday, with a meeting and social at the railway workers social club by Temple Meads station. This meeting is for all signed up, and prospective, IWW members in the area, and for all workers (employed or not) genuinely interested in the work of the IWW and resisting the attacks of the bosses. Sectarians and parasites not invited!

iww2Full meeting details: Saturday 22 August – meeting 5pm, social in bar from 7pm or so.
At the GWRSA, Station Approach Rd (or The Incline), Temple Meads, Bristol BS1 6QQ
– on the left as you walk up to the station from Temple Gate.

What’s in it for you?
Politicians of both the Tory and Labour party, alongside economic advisors and pundits, have been stating for months now that the fallout of the current recession is going to last for a long, long time (if of course it ever really ends?). They have made equally clear who is going to pay for this recession Рwe are! So whilst billions of pounds of our money has been used to bail out the banking & finance systems, and whilst some banks are already reporting £billions of profits and supersized bonuses, all we can expect are cuts in jobs and pay, cuts in benefits and services, and the misery of poverty & homelessness in many cases.

It is clear that with a few exceptions, such as the CWU and RMT, most trade unions are incapable of defending jobs and conditions, never mind winning improvements. In many cases, where workers show a desire to fight and take action, they are then undermined by the union bureaucrats who run scared of the anti-union laws, and indeed of compromising their own comfortable positions.

What we need are organisations that work across industries and sectors to defend all workers, and encourage workers to act in solidarity with each other. We need to recognise that many issues that negatively affect us, such as debt, homelessness, attacks on benefits & services and so on, cannot be dealt with through workplace unions, but need to be addressed by the wider class both inside and outside work. The IWW offers us a possibility of doing this.

If the prospect of a new Tory government, or the re-election of Labour, indeed any government that acts solely in the interests of big business and capital as all governments do, sends shivers down your spine, then come along and see what the IWW may have to offer. See what you can offer the IWW, and join in the debate.

Info on the IWW international here.

This article contributed by an IWW supporter