Bristol Indymedia at the Anarchist Bookfair

imclogo_jpgOnce again this year, our friends at Bristol Indymedia are contributing significant support and involvement to Bristol’s anarchist bookfair.

For the second year running, they have handed over their monthly September event at The Cube to us. On Monday 6 September, at 7.30pm, they along with Bristol ABC present a challenging theatrical event that looks at the oppressive reality of prison life, performed by an ex-prisoner. Come along to watch ‘Prison?’ and join in the debate after. Full details here.

At the anarchist bookfair itself on Saturday 11 September, Bristol Indymedia will host and facilitate a series of talks, discussions, film shows and info sessions in one of the meeting rooms. This is an ideal opportunity to find out more about the indymedia project, and how you can get involved, so come along and see what they have got to say.

Read on below for the full programme of events in the Indymedia room, or download it as a pdf here bindymedia-room_programme

Programme – Bristol Indymedia Room
@ the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair
(lower floor)

11 – 12noon (Bookfair workshop): Myths of Capitalism
by Phil P of the bookfair collective

From Malthus and Smith to David Cameron, capitalism has always had a ‘difficult’ relationship with reality. This meeting will debunk some of the most popular claptrap and humbug from the pervasive to the perverse.

imclogo2112.30 – 1: How to…

How to tell 5000 people about your campaign, event or news in just 2 minutes. Bristol Indymedia is used by 5000 people per day who come to get news, views and happenings. We’ll show you how to use the site to maximise impact – no technical knowledge required.

1 – 1.15: Want to Volunteer for Bristol Indymedia?

Find out how to get involved and meet some of the Indymedia volunteers.

1.15 – 2: Censorship, Free Speech and Indymedia
With the Wikileaks release of classified information on Afghanistan, issues of censorship and free speech are front page news again. We look at these issues globally and locally in relation to Bristol Indymedia. This is your chance to help shape how the site works and debate the issues.

2 – 3: Schmovies presents: Raiders of the Lost Archive

Come and see the latest offering of activist and campaign film from the Schnews collective.

3 – 3.15: How to…tell 5000 people about your campaign, event or news in just 2 minutes (repeated).

3.15 – 4: What is successful activism?

Why do corporates, capitalists and governments tend to get the upper hand against us? Is it because they carefully study the principles of success as taught by Carnegie, Covey and others. Where do these ideas come from? Are they useful? Should we use them?

4 – 4.15: Want to Volunteer for Bristol Indymedia? (repeated).

4.15 – 5: Venezuela and the BBC
The BBC has a duty to provide accurate information that citizens can use as the basis for participation in democracy. If this is the case, then why has its reporting of Chavez and Venezuela been so biased. Lee Salter from UWE will chair a discussion based on their research into this.

5 – 6: Detroit – ‘True Alternative’

In Detroit capitalism has left the area, leaving behind derelict factories, land and buildings. In its place alternative new seeds of development are growing with a huge upsurge in community gardens. Reel News have just visited Detroit and will be reporting back about this movement.