Bristol bookfair fully booked up

The 2009 Bristol anarchist bookfair on 12 September is now fully booked up, with no more space available. We appreciate the positive response to this years bookfair, and believe this is a reflection of peoples’ disgust with the present economic and political mess this country, and the world, is in.

Workshops & meetings – we have received far more workshop proposals than we have space for, and after lengthy debate have filled the available slots. We’ll be in touch with all workshop proposers over the next few days to advise them of the final programme, and unsuccessfull proposals will be held in reserve in case anyone drops out. Workshop ideas can also be proposed to the Bristol CoMutiny convergence, which starts with the Bookfair and runs until 20 September.
Stalls – all the available tables have now been booked, and we’ll be confirming to stallholders their allocated space. Any additional stall requests will be held in reserve in case confirmed stallholders drop out.

We’ll be producing a printed Bookfair programme over the next week which will be available as a download. We will also be listing all stalls, workshops and other bookfair info on this site on the Stalls, Workshops & Films room page.

We still have plenty of bookfair publicity available for people to distribute – get in touch if you can help us out, and spread the anarchist alternative far and wide.

There are plenty of interesting and exciting events and initiatives happening in Bristol over the next few weeks. We’ll be talking about a few on this site, and Bristol Indymedia carries details of many events. The bookfair also has a couple of fundraisers coming up on 22 and 31 August, details to follow.