Bristol Anarchist Bookfair taking bookings now for 7 May 2011

early poster
early poster

Bristol Anarchist Bookfair
7 May 2011

At Hamilton House
80 Stokes Croft
Bristol BS1 3QY

10.30am to 6.30pm

In The Tradition Of May Day…Resistance and Alternatives To Cuts

The 2011 Bristol bookfair is coming at you 4 months earlier this year. It will happen at the end of a week that includes an outrageously expensive royal wedding, local elections and a referendum on the latest parliamentary elections voting scam. It will happen shortly after the budget cuts of the national LibDemCon government, and local councils, will be known; whilst the job losses and cuts inherent in the austerity drive to bail out capitalism will be kicking in. The anarchist bookfair will be the perfect antidote to all this misery and displays of wealth inequality.

We keenly anticipate that 1 May 2011 will see large demos across the country, as the resistance kick-started by students and school kids spreads. In the tradition of May Day we intend to provide testimonies of struggles past, and analysis of the theory & practice of the struggles today.

We invite anarchists, radicals, friends and comrades, workers and the unemployed, students and youth, to participate as equals at the bookfair.

imclogo2We invite groups, networks, campaigns, distros and individuals to apply now for stalls (get the early booking rate – book by 1 February 2011). We also invite you to submit proposals for workshops, ideally themed around the concepts and realities of ‘resistance and alternatives to cuts’. For ‘resistance’ we anticipate  theoretical or practical discussions or analysis of current struggles. For ‘alternatives’ we hope to see economic theories mixed with practical examples in existence now. Booking forms are below, and here.

rhz_poster_thumbnailWe shall once again have an Indymedia room (confirmed) showing films, and holding discussions on media related topics and issues. We hope again to host a Radical History Zone (confirmed) considering the histories and providing critiques of struggles past. Plus an all day vegan cafe, and kids space, and who knows what else!

Students/supporters + books = political crisis for bosses & politicians
Students/supporters + books = political crisis for bosses & politicians

Collectively we believe the bookfair will offer opportunites to gain a better understanding of the different strands of anarchism and similar ideas and practices; to act as a venue for developing discussions, ideas and campaigns; and be a launchpad for new initiatives and the strengthening of old and new relationships. Whilst the attacks by the government, corporations, capital, and state agencies intensify, our collective resistance remains fertile, inspiring, and inevitable. The future can be whatever we want it to be.

We return to the same venue as in 2010, but with a different layout that we hope will provide a little more space and easy access, along with a few other minor changes. Publicity will follow soon. Get involved. Start spreading the word – Bristol Anarchist Bookfair, 7 May 2011.

solidarity & love
The Bristol anarchist bookfair collective
December 2010
BOOKING FORMS: Open office – booking_stalls1 and booking_workshops1
Word – booking_stalls1 and booking_workshops1
POSTER: book2011_pp2 (Pdf)
(Please note: this is an anarchist bookfair! Whilst we welcome fellow radicals participating we wish to make it clear we will not accept any stalls/individuals promoting party political and/or electoral propaganda)

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