Bookfair publicity ready, help needed with distro

Can you take some around your area?

flyerfront_final1Publicity posters and flyers for the Bristol anarchist bookfair 2010 are now printed and ready to go. We have 500 colour A3 posters, 5000 double-sided A5 colour flyers, and a number of black & white posters that have been sent in to us. Now we need help getting them out and about to the wider Bristol and south west public, so that they know about the event and can be introduced to anarchist ideas and practices. We’d like to see them up and about in workplaces, cafes/bars, pubs and clubs, shops, community and social centres, libraries, and wherever else you think appropriate.  Images and pdf’s of publicity are below.

Publicity can be picked up from us at our next 2 bookfair organising meetings – Tuesdays 10 and 24 August, 7 to 9pm, both at Kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JY. They can be picked up from Kebele whenever it is open (from the green draws under the free info display in the blue events room). Alternatively we can drop you some off or post you some – email us at ‘bristolanarchistbookfair at’. Thanks for your help!

Stalls/Workshops & programme

At our next meeting on 10 August we will be ratifying stalls and working through workshop proposals, and then confirming these to people & groups. We will also be receiving the programmes for the Film Room from Bristol Indymedia, and for the Radical History Zone facilitated by Bristol Radical History Group. Details will go up online shortly, and we hope to have our printed bookfair programme out 2 weeks before the event.

Publicity – for download/printing and online circulation


Thanks a lot!