Bookfair propaganda artwork on display this weekend at the Arts Trail

The main Bookfair publicity propaganda artwork is on display this weekend during the Easton Arts Trail. The EAT is a decent local initiative, and our work is on display at our spiritual home in Bristol – Kebele social centre.

Kebele is in some ways a work of art in progress. Witness the new rear wall mural being worked on right now, to go with the other excellent murals adorning the outside walls; plus the political propaganda art inside the building.

The Bookfair display consists of the main colour posters, flyers, stickers and programmes for the Bookfairs 2008-2013, and covers the main wall in the cafe area (see dodgy pic below). There wasn’t the space to include artwork for publicity for other events we have run, nor for the many low-cost B&W propaganda we have produced. However if you trawl the website you’ll find that, along with the colour artwork – which can all be downloaded and printed as you wish!
Kebele is open: Saturday 15th from 11am to 4pm, with a cafe from 11-2 and drinks/cake after that. Then Sunday 16th from 11am to 9pm for drinks/cake, with a cafe from 6.30pm, and live poetry performance by Edson Burton at 7.30pm. So pop into Kebele, at 14 Robertson Rd, Easton BS5 6JY anytime and check it all out.