Bookfair organising meet on 19 January

Lots to do – want to help us do it?

Organising meeting Wednesday 19 January for the Bristol Bookfair on 7 May 2011. All welcome.
From 7.30pm at Kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JY.

draft color poster

That means it takes a fair bit of organising so that it goes smoothly on the day. Presently the bookfair collective is a small group of people who also have a number of other projects on the go, but are prepared to put time/effort/cash into making the bookfair a success. We’d appreciate your help in making the bookfair happen again.

If you can spare the time, and have the energy, you are welcome to attend organising meetings. You can also help out in other ways on an ongoing basis, here’s a short list:
– distro our publicity, due out in early February, but with a basic B&W poster already available. Or make your own.
– banner making.
– help with kids space.
– help with the vegan cafe on the day and with prep the day before (contact kebelecafe at if you can help).
– help with set up/take down on the day.
– help with bucket collecting and directing people around the venue on the day.
– book your stall and pay by 1 February to get a reduced rate – see here for forms.
– send in a workshop proposal, if possible around the themes of ‘resistance and alternatives to cuts’.
– fundraising – can you put on a bookfair fundraiser, large or small?
– organise a related anarchist event in the week before the bookfair.

See pages on the website for info, booking forms, and other events.
If your group would like us to come and talk about the bookfair, please get in touch. You can also hear us interviewed on the Kebele radio show being recorded on 16 January 2011.

Thanks & Solidarity.
BABC xxx