Bookfair organising meet and stalls update

Many thanks to all those who applied for stalls at our reduced rate by 1 February, around 45% of stall space is now potentially booked up. So if you haven’t booked yet…do so soon.

a-book-circleThe next bookfair organising meet is on Wednesday 9 February, from 7.30pm sharp, at The Smiling Chair, 40 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1.

If you are interested in helping put on this years anarchist bookfair in Bristol then come along – we need more anarchists with the time and energy to contribute to the success of the bookfair (and if you cannot make it contact us, or check the website – there’s plenty of ways to help out).
On the agenda we are likely to have: finalising colour publicity; update on venue issues – rooms needed/booked, kids space, cafe; updates on stalls and ratifying applications; workshops; finance and fundraisers; other related events including Cube event on 2 May.

Booking stalls
The rate now per table in general terms is £8 local, £17 national. See the forms and full info here and get booked in. Remember we only have limited space, for about 50 tables, and we try to accommodate as many different stallholders as possible, so dont expect to book too many.

More info coming soon.