Bookfair organising and other upcoming events

Tonight, Tuesday 9 February, sees our second organising meeting for the 2010 Bristol anarchist bookfair. We have been checking out various venues, which we’ll be discussing further. Plus we have a couple of pencilled in potential bookfair dates – the 11 or 18 September. We’ll also be looking further at possible themes for the bookfair, and its format. Plenty of items for keen anarchists to get their teeth into. We do need more people to get involved in the bookfair collective – the more people means we can organise better and more varied events. The bookfair is a very public anarchist event and a great opportunity for anarchists in Bristol to engage with a wide range of people. It is essentially your event, so dont just expect us to organise it for you.

circle-a_red_star_textTonights meeting takes place at Kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JY, from 7.30 to 9pm. In the near future we hope to take the organising meetings to other venues, and we’d also be happy to scome and talk about the bookfair with your group, campaign, or network. get in touch.

Following on from our well attended event at The Cube on 1 February about the J18/Seattle protests, we have plenty of ideas for other events covering various topics. Again we’d like to hear from other anarchists what they think needs discussing? For example, some of us think Bristol’s anarchists would do well to hold some sort of weekend ‘politics and strategy’ gathering, which would mix political debate with some forward planning and co-ordination around agreed strategies. What do you think?

Of course many of Bristol’s healthy mix of campaigns, groups and networks continue to organise ongoing activities, many but not all of which appear on the Bristol Indymedia newswire and calendar. Here’s a few upcoming:

Wed 10 February, 7 to 9pm, at Kebele social centre – Bristol ABC Prisoner support group’s monthly public letter-writing night. A chance to send a card or letter of solidarity to some of the many political and radical prisoners around the UK and world, and find out what else you can do to support those locked up by the enemy.

12210_croft-benefitFri 12 February, 6.30 to 11pm, at The Croft – Freedom For All: A solidarity benefit for Russian anti-fascists. In particular raising funds for the family & funeral costs of Ivan Khutorskoy who was murdered by fascists in Moscow last November. Live bands start from 7.15pm, and in order are Jesus Bruiser (replacing The Rejected), Jakal, Left for Dead, and La Fraction. Plus stalls and info. Its £6 on the door and is organised by Bristol Antifa and Bristol ABC.

Sat 13 February, 7pm to late, at The PloughEvict The Bailiffs: a benefit to raise funds for court costs to fight the eviction of the Marley Head travellers site in south Brent. Live bands include Hacksaw, Harjan, The Autonomads, and Kilnaboy. Organised by random anarchists, its a £4 donation (requested) on the door.

Sun 14 February, from 6.30pm, at kebele social centre – Lovers Rage Against The 2010 Winter Olympics In Vancouver. With a set vegan meal at 6.30pm, followed by an info night from 7.30pm with speaker and films highlighting the exploitative nature of the Olympics taking place on stolen native land in Canada. Organised by Bristol ABC.

NoBorders copshop picket last September
NoBorders copshop picket last September

Tues 16 February, 8.30 to 10.30am, at Trinity Road Police Station – Bristol NoBorders hold a bi-weekly picket to support those migrants (often including entire families) without ‘secure status’, who are required to sign on at Trinity Road police station. Sometimes they don’t come back out, as inside UK Border officials wait to take people away for indefinite detention at one of the notorious immigration prisons or immediate deportation.

Thurs 18 February, 7 to 9pm, at Kebele social centre – East Bristol Debtors Alliance run a bi-weekly drop in session offering support, advice and solidarity for people facing harassment over their debts.

Thurs 18 February, from 8pm, at The Plough – Animal Rights fundraiser, with live bands Perkie, 3 Chord Badger, Anarcho Folko and dj’s. It’s a £4 suggested donation on the door. Organised by Bristol anaimal rights collective.

Mon 22 February, from 7.45pm, at The Cube cinema – Bristol Indymedia present: Climate Change Talks – COP15 or COPOUT? Films and discussions with campaigners who went to Copenhagen last December to witness the bosses, bankers and politicians completely fail to do anything at all about climate change. Maybe that’s no surprise, but what can we all do about it? Go along and join the debate. Its £3/4 on the door, but nobody turned away for lack of funds.

Fri 26 February, from 5pm – Reclaim The Night: an opportunity to protest against sexual assault on the streets and in the home. It is about taking back the freedom to walk without fear within our community, no matter what time of day and no matter what gender. Starts from College Green with vigil, march, speeches and then social. Organised by Bristol Feminist Network.

Mon 1 March, from 7.45pm, at The Cube cinema – Bristol Indymedia presents: Morris Beckman and the 43 Group. The story of the post WW2 fight against fascism in the UK. Inspiring stuff. organised by Bristol Radical History Group and Bristol Antifa. £3/4 on the door.

iww_capitalist-scum_smallFri 5 March, 7pm start, at the GWRSA social club in front of Temple Meads station – Bristol IWW monthly branch meeting. The radical rank and file union for all workers (including the unemployed, part-timers, temps, self-employed). Business meeting from 7pm, open discussion meeting from 8.30pm. Non-members welcome to observe the business meeting, and participate in the open meeting. Details.

And there will be more…