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Bristol’s anarchist bookfair collective kicks off 2009 with a new intro to anarchism flyer, a website transformed into a blog, a discussion meeting on class, and the first organising meeting for a bookfair event in 2009. There will be a fundraising gig in March.

As the world economic crisis, essentially a crisis of capital, deepens, and the wars for power and control worsen, and the short-termist stupidity of governments knows no bounds, the bookfair collective is just one of many local initiatives saying loud and clear that ‘another world is possible’.

Intro to anarchism flyer
A full colour glossy A6 flyer that gives a basic intro to anarchist ideas plus links for more info. The cover of the flyer also makes a tasty red and black poster. You can download the flyer as a jpeg here. You can pick up copies of the flyer from Kebele’s infoshop on Saturdays, from bookfair collective meetings, and you can send us an A5 SAE for bulk copies. A 66p stamp gets you about 50 flyers, a 90p stamp gets you about 100.

What is class?
An open discussion meeting on Wednesday 21 January, 7.30pm, at Kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Rd, Easton BS5 6JY. Full details here. As the bosses, government and the state seek to make ordinary working people pay for the crisis created by their greed, class is back on the agenda. Come and discuss. All welcome.

Anarchist Bookfair organising meeting

The first meeting to discuss this year’s main event, along with irregular events such as the meeting above. The Collective welcomes new people who have the time, energy and dedication to help put on an anarchist bookfair and similar events, that will help spread anarchist ideas and the understanding and practice of them.
Tuesday 27 January, 7.30pm at Kebele social centre. Full details here. All anarchists welcome!

Revamped website now a blog

The bookfair collective’s website is slowly developing into a blog. As well as being an organising tool for this years events, the blog will be used to provide useful anarchist texts and statements, reviews of anarchist books, pamphlets and films, info on other anarchist events, and who knows what else. The site will be maintained by active collective members, and we welcome suggestions for texts and reviews, including your own.

Come and get involved in this collective project. Contact us at or write to us at 14 Robertson Road, Bristol BS5 6JY.

Anarchism (from the Greek ‘an’ and ‘archos’, contrary to authority) – is a political theory that aims to create a society which is without political, economic or social hierarchies. It is both a theory and a practise of life.

Capital – accumulated wealth, be it money, property or in kind, usually from the pursuit of profit generated by the labours of others, or from land stolen from common ownership. Used to produce more profit and wealth.

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