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Invitation for the 2nd organising meeting for the Anarchist Conference 2009

Anarchist Conference will be on 6 & 7 June in London

The following callout has been circulated to anarchists across the country by the Practicalities Group, which was formed at the first anarchist conference planning meeting on 17 January.

To join the organising elist go here
To contact the organising group email

2nd planning meeting details and draft agenda

Date: Saturday 1pm-5pm February 21st , 2009
Venue: Marchmont Community Centre, 62 Marchmont Street, London, WC1N 1AB
Nearest Tubes: Euston (10 mins) , Kings Cross (7mins) , Russell Square (2 mins)
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How to organise an insurrection

Many UK anarchists have been surprised by the intensity and longevity of the Greek rebellion, that exploded onto the streets on the night of 6th December 2008, following the police murder of 15 year old Alexis Grigoropoulos , in the Eksarhia area of Athens. Demos, occupations, riots, strikes, sabotage and expropriations continued for 17 days before slacking off over the holiday period, although here in the UK the mainstream media effectively dropped the story after 4 or 5 days.

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Gaza: Against War and Warmongers

Statement produced by Brighton Solidarity Federation (adapted for bristol) about the conflict in Gaza, for international solidarity with civilians in the middle-east – against all governments and gangsters.


One thing is absolutely clear about the current situation in Gaza: the Israeli state is committing atrocities which must end immediately.

With hundreds dead and thousands wounded, it has become increasingly clear that the aim of the military operation, which has been in the planning stages since the signing of the original ceasefire in June, is to break Hamas completely.

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What is Class?

Discussion/workshop hosted by Bristol Anarchist Bookfair Collective

Social class is one of the great ideas of modern times. It led to the formation of trade unions and political parties. It has begun great revolutions and wars. It has inspired acts of heroism and compassion and yet has been used to justify horror and barbarity.

Surprisingly for a common idea there is little agreement over what class actually is. Even politicians such as Thatcher and Blair who deny the importance or relevance of class cannot ignore it.

In this meeting we will cover questions such as:

What makes someone a member of a class?
Is class still relevant today?
How does class influence our lives?

We aim to make the meeting accessible to all so please come whether just to listen, ask questions, or to debate your ideas with others.

7.30pm Wednesday 21st January 2009. Kebele Social Centre, 14 Robertson Road, Easton, Bristol BS5 6JY.
Venue has good access for wheelchairs but toilets are upstairs.

Hot drinks will be available during the meeting.

Greece – a harbinger of events to come

Solidarity with Greek workers & street militants!

As the global recession caused by capitals greed sees thousands of jobs cut across Bristol and the south west, hundreds of thousands cut across the UK, and millions condemned to unemployment across Europe and the world. We, some Bristol activists and anarchists, express solidarity with the Greek street fighters and working class in their inspiring struggle against their repressive state and the attacks by international capital. Today’s general strike in Greece, and the resistance of recent days, is an example for us all.

Solidarity poster
Solidarity poster

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