Anti-High Speed Train campaign in the Basque country

A campaign activist speaks – Wednesday 1 September, 7pm at Kebele social centre

A campaigner from the Basque country (annexed land in northern Spain) is currently visiting the UK talking about this campaign, and making links with similar campaigns against environmental destruction.
We can exclusively reveal this campaigner is in fact one of the co-founders, back in 1995, of the squatted kebele Kulture Projekt (now the Kebele social centre and community co-op), and its lovely having him around, if only for a week or so, before he returns to his life and work and campainging back in his home country.

poster-kebele-21The meeting is at Kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JY, having been moved at the last minute from The Factory due to the problems comrades there are having with the authorities (whats new!). On Wednesday 1 September. Come along for food from 7pm, followed by campaign talk and discussion. The meeting has been organised by the campaigner and folks from the Factory, along with support from us and folks at Kebele.

The High Speed Train is a project designed to provide super-fast links between some major Basque cities, and involved ripping up, blasting through and generally trashing large amounts of countryside. It is believe that ultimately this network will link in with a larger one that aims to link Madrid up to France and Paris, all in the name of expediting travel for the business class in their relentless pursuit of profits. Whats new! In the Basque country it has been met with a concerted campaign of protest camps, blockades, lock ons and other demos, whilst pixies unknown are reported to have messed with equipment. Come along, find out more, make those international links.