Anarchy in the UK

Well what an explosive week!

Suddenly the word anarchy is being used all over the place, but as usual the actual meaning of the word is being badly misinterpreted. So a few of us involved in the 2011 Bristol Bookfair have returned to our keyboards a little earlier than planned, and we’ll be posting up an irregular series of articles explaning what anarchy, and anarchism, really means.

Of course even amongst anarchists there is ongoing discussion and interpretation of the meaning, which is as it should be with any progressive political evolution. So to kick things off we’ll start with a flyer produced by the 2008/9 Bristol Bookfair Collective, a simple and concise explanation in a flyer format. Read on….

Spread the word, share the knowledge! Download this flyer as a pdf: anarko_flyer

AnarchoSeries No.1, with more to follow…