Anarchy in the UK 2. The Free

The Free is a novel, a thriller, set in the ongoing breakdown of capitalist society, through the post-capitalist transition, and into…freedom?

inside front cover 1986 edition
inside front cover 1986 edition

The Free is an easy to read long read, an exciting introduction and explanation of anarchist ideas and social revolution.

The Free is about anarchy and love. Repression and resistance. Learning the hard way, and the easier ways. The Free is a work in progress, just like anarchism. Feel Free to stay up all day and all night reading it, or dip in and out as your time allows.

You can read it as a pdf here: the-free-2011

You can also read The Free Online, chapter by chapter, and there’s much much more there to read too – news, graphics, ideas and ways to go.

A very short ‘History of The Free’, by it’s author M Gilliland:
The first version came out in 1986 in Brixton. Published by Hooligan Press. from the gang who ran 121 Anarchist Bookshop, Brixton Squatters Aid, with its revolting paper The Crowbar, and Sth London Stress among others, linked to both Black Flag and Class War. It quickly sold out and was reprinted in 1992.

In 2007 I began to update it and realised it needed a rewrite. Inspired by the Barcelona anarcho-squatting scene, where I live, this new edition is 3 times as long and 10 times better, with lots more humour, sex and triumphing alternatives.

AnarchoSeries No.2, with more to follow…