Anarchist bookfairs home and away

The next organising meeting for the Bristol anarchist bookfair 2010 takes place on Tuesday 6 April, 7.30pm, at Kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JY. All anarchists interested in helping to spread anarchist ideas and practices are welcome.

anarchistbookfairMeanwhile there is an apparent growth of anarchist & alternative bookfairs happening in the UK and abroad. This is a positive move for 2 reasons. Firstly it indicates increased co-operation between different anarchist trends to put them on. Secondly it indicates a growing interest in anarchism and alternatives to the failings of capital and the state – not surprising perhaps given the state of the economy, and planet. This doesn’t mean a revolution is around the corner, but its a move in the right direction. Here’s a list of few upcoming events we’ve heard of:
Bradford on 10 April
Toronto on 9 to 11 April
New York on 17 April
Gent on 17 April
Paris on 8 May
Sunderland on 8 May
Biel on 15 & 16 May
Sheffield on 22 May
Montreal on 29 & 30 May
and there are more here