Anarchist bookfair feedback meeting this Saturday

The Bristol anarchist bookfair collective would like your feedback on this year’s bookfair. Come and tells us your views on Saturday 25 September, from 2pm, at Kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JY.

This meeting is open to stallholders, meeting organisers and members of the public who went to this years Bristol anarchist bookfair – we want your feedback. (Plus anyone who couldn’t make it but fancies helping out for next year!).

We want to know from you what worked and what didn’t, what was missing, or if there was too much of something. We’d appreciate constructive criticism, as in ‘this didn’t work, but maybe if you tried it this way…’, along with ideas to make the bookfair a better event that appeals to as many interested people as possible, and gives them a better understanding of anarchist ideas. So what have you got to say?

We also hope that some of you will be interested in helping out with future bookfairs/related events, and at this meet we’ll be happy to tell you more about what we do and what goes into organising the bookfair.

After the Bookfair, the collective released this statement on Bristol Indymedia:

We reckon this year’s bookfair was pretty successful, to be fair it was all down to the coalition, let’s hope the cuts don’t have too much of an effect.

We would like to thank the 47 groups, campaigns, authors, publishers and distros who ran stalls and all those who facilitated workshops and debates. We particularly want to thank the other members of our coalition: Bristol Radical History for organizing 11 stalls and one meeting room, Bristol Indymedia for running another meeting space, Kebele sound collective and friends and volunteers for organising and running the after party, Lemmy from The Chelsea pub and others for keeping the masses cidered up, and Classics and Co-Exist for the use of their venues plus anyone else we have missed.

Particular thanks goes out to the Kebele Cafe collective, some of whom appeared to not stop working for a moment all day, feeding the never ending queue of hungry bookworms. We unashamedly bow to you all.

Of course, above all we want to thank those who attended the event, without which there would have been a lot of unloved books and stale cake. Based on us running out of pamphlets by 3.30pm we estimate in the region of 800 punters through the door.

We now need your help, at 2pm on Saturday 25th September at Kebele social centre, we will be holding a feedback meeting. Come and tell us what you think, what you liked, what you didn’t like, and we can use this to make next year’s event better. We know that not everyone was happy with some decisions made by the collective so come out from behind your computer screens, meet us and tell us! Alternatively you could come and say well done and buy us a cup of tea, it was after all, bloody hard work!

Would you like there to be a bookfair next year?
We really feels it’s an important part of the regions radical calendar and it would be a shame to lose it.
If you would like it to happen in 2011 then please help it happen by joining the collective. The five of us can not continue to do it ourselves, it’s not hard when shared between more people so if you want to get involved get in contact and keep the project alive.

The Bristol Anarchist Bookfair Collective