Anarchist Bookfair – Aims and Principles

babc_logoThe 2016 Bristol Anarchist Bookfair Collective (BABC) recently agreed some key Aims for the 2016 Bristol Anarchist Bookfair with it’s theme of ‘Building An Anarchist Future’; at the same time we clarified & re-confirmed some basic Principles for present & future BABC’s to work with.

Aims – In 2016 the BABC aims to:
–   Explore the idea of building an anarchist future, how our journeys towards liberation might look and challenges that we foresee along the way.
–   Be accessible to people regardless of their previous knowledge of anarchist ideas. We hope for everyone to feel able to participate in discussions and ask questions of others in the discussion if they wish.
–   Provide a space which is as safe as possible. We hope to achieve this by the use of a safer spaces agreement which will be clearly displayed at the bookfair and on the website, a safer spaces team who will be on site to deal with any issues, and a quiet space where folks can go to talk, relax or just take some time out during the day.
–   Provide space for conversations which people will find inspiring and empowering.
–   Facilitate the exchange of literature and information which people will find useful in their activism and journeys towards liberation.
–   Co-ordinate an event where groups can promote themselves and raise funds to finance their activism.
Principles for present & future BABC’s:
–   The Bristol Anarchist Bookfair Collective will organise non-hierarchically, keeping in mind the anarchist principles of mutual aid, direct democracy, anti-authoritarianism, autonomy and solidarity.
–   We will make decisions using consensus to ensure that, as far as possible, everyone’s voice is heard and acknowledged.
–   The collective is committed to recognising and challenging oppressive behaviour either during the organising of the event or at the event itself.
–   The Anarchist Bookfair is a space to network around, highlight and aid struggles, both local and international.
–   The Anarchist Bookfair strives to promote anarchist ideas both verbally, in the form of workshops, and through the exchange of written material. We have a spirit of openness towards the different traditions, visions, and practices of anarchism.
–   We will not allow stalls or workshops at the Bookfair which are contradictory to the principles of anarchism.
–   We do not accept the participation of political parties at the Bookfair.

We will endeavour to bring these Aims and Principles to the attention of individuals & groups booking stalls & proposing workshops, or otherwise participating in the Bookfair and the Collective.