Anarchist Bookfair 2018!

The Bristol Bookfair is back on Saturday May 12th 2018
We’ll be hitting East Bristol in our Biggest Ever Venue (tba, stay tuned folks). So make sure you don’t miss us.
Book a stall, propose a workshop, help us oragnise, and most importantly, come down on the day!

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We are constantly told what is possible by our rulers.

Reducing tax for the richest corporations? Having a public service run better under privatisation, despite all the evidence to the contrary? Finding the money to bail our corporations or fund nuclear weapons? All not just possible, but unavoidable!

Stopping the cuts to essential health and social care? Ending the use of British made weapons to kill civilians? Giving people the freedom to live their lives how they see fit? Supporting the most vulnerable in society, rather than callously exploiting them for profit? All, they are very sorry to say, utterly impossible.

If that is the limit of the imaginations of the media pundits, business executives and political parties so be it. The rest of us don’t have to listen to them. We can demand the impossible, become the mythological, and change the world.

Welcome to the 2018 Bristol Anarchist Bookfair

This year, in search of themes we are digging up beasts from the fathomless depths of mythological history. These creatures are there to ground ourselves in the impossible as anarchists always have, they are an army to call on when fighting oppressive structures, and most importantly they are there to provide ammunition for catchy slogans such as “the pixies, united, will never be defeated”. In order to house this menagerie, the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair collective decided we needed to find a bigger arena to play in, so we have moved to a fantastic new habitat in East Bristol.

You will find all the usual exciting features of the Bookfair, such as the amazing range of radical literature, the networking opportunities, and stimulating workshops, films and discussions. Of course, tasty food will be available, and a parents&kids space provided. There will also be ample opportunity to let loose your inner beast at a banging after party. We hope all this goes without saying as the bread and butter of a Bookfair.

We aim to be as accessible as possible, which has driven the choice of venue, as well as maintaining good quality spaces for workshops and discussions, more details on accessibility will be available shortly. The venue  also allows this to be potentially the biggest Bristol Anarchist Bookfair to date, and we intend to make that happen!

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