Activities of interest for local anarchists and radicals

pooh_anarrky1Good to see Bristol’s anarchists and radicals kicking off the new year in busy style. This is gonna be an important year acoss the political, economic and social fronts, with a general election happening alongside the deepening economic crisis and the state trying to effect ever greater social control. Opportunities comrades, and lots of them. Theorise, organise, strategise, practice, build alternatives across the spectrum. Let’s do it!

Here’s an incomplete list of some upcoming events and activities. To keep up to date check out the websites of our friends and neighbours (on the right), keep an eye on Bristol Indymedia, and visit your local anarchist spaces such as Kebele (Saturday & Sunday cafes) and The Emporium/Classics Free shop (Stokes croft) for more info and networking:

  • Friday 8 January, 7pm at the GWRSABristol IWW branch meeting, building workplace resistance. New and interested people welcome. Future meetings 1st Friday of the month, same time and place.
  • Saturday 9 January, 4pm at Kebele – founding meet of the Bristol Anarchist Federation branch. There are now people from 3, maybe 4, of the UK’s national anarchist federations present in Bristol. Lets see what they can bring to the mix.
  • Sunday 10 January, from 6pm at Kebele – Bookfair collective cafe and film night, showing ‘Lucio – anarchist, forger, bankrobber, but above all bricklayer.’
  • Tuesday 12 January, 7pm at Kebele – Bristol No Borders bi-weekly meeting. Also Tuesday 19 January, 8.30 to 10.30am, and bi-weekly thereafter, picket of Trinity Road police station.
  • Tuesday 12 January, 7.30pm at Kebele – Bookfair collective first organising meeting for 2010. Planning events and looking at venues/themes/funding for the 2010 bookfair.
  • Wednesday 13 January, 7 to 9pm at Kebele – Bristol ABC monthly public prisoner support letter-writing evening.
  • edo-gig-16110_small1Saturday 16 January from 8pm at The Plough – 1st Anniversary Benefit for The Bristol EDO Decommissioners. Show your support for some local direct actionistas facing a heavy trial, and have a cracker of a night out too. £3 to 5 on the door, with Daddy long bones, Rita Lynch, Circus of Invention, plus dj’s til late.
  • Monday 18 January – Remember Gaza, Smash EDO protest in Brighton. There is transport from Bristol.
  • Monday 18 January, 12 noon – Target Barclays picket in solidarity with Smash EDO, the Bristol Decommissioners, and all those ripped off by the banks. Meet outside the Barclays in Broadmead (bottom of Union Street).
  • Monday 18 January, 7pm at Kebele – Make Humous Not War – middle eastern food and film: Bil’in Habibti, directed by Shai Carmeli-Pollak of Anarchists Against the Wall. A benefit for Anarchists Against the Wall. To raise some money for the legal fund for Israelis and Palestinians resisting the occupation, we are asking for a suggested donation of £3.
  • Tuesday 19 January, 7pm at Better Food Company – weekly series of talks/workshops on freeskilling for the free economy community. This week its ‘living without money’, we dont think they’ll be recommending expropriations from expensive stores, but worth a look if you are free.
  • Thursday 21 January, 7 to 9pm at Kebele – East Bristol Debtors Alliance offers support and solidarity for all those suffering under the economic crisis. 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the monthy.
  • Saturday 23 January, 2 to 4pm – Kebele Co-op’s quarterly public general meeting. An opportunity to find out more, have your say, and get involved at Kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JY.
  • Saturday 23 January, 6pm to late at The White Hart, Whitehall Rd, Easton BS5 – Benefit for Antifa England, Sea Shepard Conservation Society and Bristol & Bath Hunt Sabs. £6 on the door. With Active Minds, Tortyr, This System Kills, Cry Havoc, Jesus Bruiser and Murder of Crows @ The White Hart, Bristol.
  • j18_flyer-frontMonday 1 February, 7.30pm at The Cube cinema, Dove St South, Bristol BS2 8JD – Bristol Indymedia and the Bookfair Collective host a night of films and discussions on ‘J18 and Seattle 1999 – Reflections and Strategies 10 years on’. Where next for the movement of movements, where next for the social revolutionaries?
  • Check out here (link to video) the talk given at the Bookfair Collective’s ‘Winstanley’ film night last September.
  • Saturday 6 February, from 8pm at The Plough pub in Easton – Benefit for Kebele Sound. Bands/DJ’s playing – check here. Fundraiser for the crew who provide the PA’s and much more at so many fundraisers for others. Some of their kit needs repair and replacement, so they can carry on doing what they do for others. £4 on door.
  • Friday 12 February, 6.30pm at The Croft, 117 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3RW – Bristol Antifa and Bristol ABC present Freedom of Movement: a punk ska hip hop benefit in solidarity with Russian antifascists facing murder and state repression. £6 on the door, first band on 7.15pm. With La Fraction (France) – rare appearance of legendary melodic Parisian punk rock / Left for Dead – classic Kentish cider punx / Jakal – hip hop ska punk from London / Rejected – hardcore street punk from Wales.
  • Sunday 14 February, from 6pm at Kebele – Bristol ABC cafe and film night. Lovers rage against the winter Olympics on stolen native land in western Canada. Food, film and talk.

There will be more, always more, for where there is exploitation and repression, there is always resistance!