Accessibility Information

Whilst we are very thankful to both these venues for stepping in at the last minute so our event could continue, neither would’ve been choices we would have made previously due to accessibility issues. We are doing our best to resolve some of them. If you can think of any more we can do to make the event more accessible please get in touch – whether or not it is a need you specifically have.

The Black Swan
It’s usually dark – we aim to fill it with additional lighting
No accessible toilet – we will be hiring one, along with another additional toilet.
A stepped gap between certain areas – someone with alteration experiences will be resolving this the day before.
Narrow exit from inside to Garden – we will keep the garden gate (reachable via a road/lane) unlocked to provide free-er access.

BⒶSE (formerly Kebele)
There is step free access to the most of the ground floor via the side gate.  Access to the front of the ground floor  (Kid’s Base) is via a door that will be kept locked, but opened for anyone who requires step free access to this area.
There is an accessible toilet in the venue.

Route from side gate often cluttered – we shall clear it !
No access to first floor other than steep stairs – we will primarilly be using the ground floor, but there will be half a  workshops upstairs*

*obviously it’ll be smaller workshops, as they are smaller rooms, not sure if there is anything else we can do about this.

Please also note this info on entrances.

Saturday May 12th 2018 Taking place at the Black Swan and BASE