A quick note on entrances

At the Black Swan please come in via the ‘side’ entrance (the one used for club nights, not the front area used as a pub during the day), which is in the yard next to the Black Swan.
If you require step free / wide access to the garden, which will be hosting the BBQ, please talk to us and we can open the gate for you.

At BASE (fka Kebele) the cafe door will be kept closed/locked, as this front area will be used as the kids space, and direct entrance on to the street is a bit of a risk!
Please enter via the door on foster street. If you require step free access to the main events room and to the accessible toilet, this is via the gate on robertson road.  If you require step-free access to the kid’s space (cafe area), please knock or otherwise get the attention of a bookfair collective or kid’s space volunter, and we will unlock the door to let you in.

This should be clearly sign posted on the day!