A note on Respect, filming and recording at the bookfair

Respect each other and the venue
Thanks to CoExist/Hamilton House and their liason person for hire of this venue in central Bristol. Please respect the venue and its many other users by – not smoking inside, clearing up your rubbish, and not entering those areas that are not part of the bookfair. More info about Hamilton House.

We want the bookfair to be accessible to all, whatever their age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity or ability. All floors are wheelchair accessible. We ask people to respect each other’s opinions and allow the free flow of ideas, even when you disagree. We will not accept any racist, sexist or other abusive or oppressive behaviour – you will be asked to leave. Animals are not allowed in the building, except guide dogs.

There should be no photos/filming or recording inside the Bookfair without prior agreement with the bookfair collective and meeting organisers – if anyone tries to film/record you inside the Bookfair without your and our permission you are entitled to ask them to stop, and notify us. We live in a surveillance society and for one day it will be good not to be recorded wherever we go.

The organisers of the Indymedia Room and RHZ may record some/all of their events, but will advise you in advance and will not film/record you if you don’t want it. Radio Kebele will be recording interviews with speakers, campaigns and other participants in a private room for live streaming and later broadcast. They’ll also be twittering, but thats nothing new! They may also wander around, identify themselves, and ask people to record their views/comments, the choice is yours and you will not be recorded without your permission.

We have not invited any members of the mainstream press into the Bookfair, and will not be doing so. We understand Hamilton House are also adopting a policy of no media on the premises for the day, except possibly for one or two 5 minute photo opportunities inside their own reception/shop area where the Banksy print is on sale. We are not arranging any sort of press conference before the Bookfair either. Campaigns/individuals are of course entitled to speak to anyone they want to outside the Bookfair, and if the press are outside the Bookfair collective may speak briefly to them if we deem it worthwhile.

Please switch off your phone when you enter the Bookfair so as to avoid interruptions. Thank you for your co-operation. Respect.