A 7 step guide to capitalism and beyond

For a while we’ve been looking for a relatively straightforwards guide to capitalist economics, and the present ongoing global crisis. As we’re not exactly professors of economics ourselves, we wanted something written in relatively plain language that we could dip into (or log onto) at our leisure. Well luckily we’ve come across exactly that, and we share it here for everyone else out there who is confused by the deliberately mystifying (and political) language of most economics books, articles and news reporting. What follows in the links below may not be ‘perfect’, but its more than a useful start – enjoy, pass it on, act.

Kaput – an anti-capitalist & anarchist project (and therefore free to share)

A seven step guide to capitalist economics, money & finance, the market state, the crisis, and what may come next. These articles (as links) are the written up notes of a series of workshops. At the end of each you will find a useful list of further reading, much online.

put simply - the rich steal from the rest of us
put simply – the rich steal from the rest of us

From no.7, a brief intro: So, what is capitalism, exactly?
“Capitalism is a handy term for the way in which the economy, and also a lot more, is run in our world at the moment. As we have seen, there is not really one definition or fixed idea of capitalism. There are really many different “capitalisms” that have been constantly evolving, from the 16th century until now, and will keep on changing in the future.

We talk about the “capitalist system” as if it is just one thing. More accurately, we could say that there are capitalist institutions, capitalist relationships, capitalist rules and conventions, even – capitalist desires, identities, and dreams.”

1: capitalism — an economic system

2: the high seas of finance

3: the global division of labour

4: markets and the state: liberalism and neoliberalism

5: crisis

6: our consuming desires

7: beyond …

“These articles/workshops are about capitalism, and anti-capitalism. But they are also about anarchism. Anarchism means fighting for a life free of all kinds of domination and oppression — not just in some perfect world “after the revolution”, but also right now in the way we live today.”