Workshops & Meetings

GovtgetsinFBNever Mind The Ballots…It’s The
7th Bristol Anarchist Bookfair!

Saturday 25th April 2015
from 11.00am – 6pm
Trinity Centre, Trinity Rd,
Bristol BS2 0NW.

The Stalls & Cafe will be available by 11am. All meetings start at 12noon sharp!

All Bookfair workshops/meetings/activities take place at Trinity Centre EXCEPT for the Radical History Zone, which is 5 minutes down the road at Hydra Bookshop, 34 Old Market, Bristol, BS2 0EZ (you can buy books at Hydra too!).

We are now full up for workshops and meetings.

MEETINGS PROGRAMME: The full programme of meets has now been compiled into one timetable, with short 50’ish word descriptions of each workshop/meeting. See the lot of them on this pdf  ‘BF15_All meetings timetable‘.
Below please find the meeting titles & timetable for each meeting space, along with pdf’s with full descriptions of each meet, and links..

INFO – Spaces & meeting rooms
Bookfair Assembly Room (large meeting room on 1st floor of Trinity – access via stairs going up from Infopoint or from 1st floor Stalls Hall. Will use a microphone & PA, capacity 80+)
The Bookfair collective is co-ordinating these large meetings, 3 at 105 minutes each, with a panel of speakers. These meets will focus on some key topics – below are the meeting titles, and here’s a pdf with the full text Assembly room_meet details or read this blog post:

12-1.45pm: Elections – what is the point if the government always gets in?
Debate with Steve Norman (Class War Party), Bonnie (Anarchist Federation), and more TBC
2-3.45pm: Rojava (West Kurdistan) – experiments in resistance and direct community democracy
Talk & discussion with Zaher Baher (Kurdistan Anarchist Forum & Haringey Solidarity Group) on the current situation; Adil (Bristol) with reflections on historical struggles in Kurdistan.
4-5.45pm: Resisting Repression in the UK Plc
Talk & discussion with Tom Fowler (South Wales Anarchists), Police Spies Out Of Lives (PSOOL) & Bristol Defendant Solidarity (BDS)

B. Breakout Room (1st floor of Trinity Centre off stalls hall, capacity 20+)
Below are meeting titles, and here’s a pdf with the full text Breakout Room_meet details or read this blogpost:

12-1: Nuclear – the power that corrupts
by South West Against Nuclear (Talk and discussion/Q&A)
1-2: Abolish IPPs campaign
by Bristol ABC & Smash IPP
(Talk & discussion)
2-3: The Meaning of Freedom.
by Paul Cudenec
(Talk & discussion)
3-4: Total Shambles – a squatting memoir
by George F & Influx Press (reading, Q&A, discussion)
4-5: The IWW Environmental Unionist Caucus
by Dorset IWW (short presentation then discussion)
5-6: What would economic justice and democracy look like? A Libertarian Socialist exploration of Participatory Economics
By Paticipatory Economy UK (Presentation then discussion/questions)

C. The Room with a View (or IT Suite, 1st floor of Trinity access at back of Bookfair Assembly room/top of stairs – via stairs from Infopoint or 1st floor Stalls Hall, capacity 30+)
Below are meeting times, and here’s a pdf with the full text RoomwithView_meet details or read this blogpost:

12-1: Introduction to Radical Routes: Radical housing and workers co-ops, and more!
By Radical Routes (workshop & discussion)
1-2: The Free Software Movement: what lessons could the anarchist movement learn?
by HaktionLab
(Talk & discussion)
2-3: Fuck the Labour Party – we’re anarcho-syndicalists
by Bristol Solidarity Federation (Talk and discussion)
3-4: What the Suffragettes Did For Us
by Bristol Anarchist Federation (Talk and discussion)
4-5: The Politics of Solidarity
Yaz Brien (Bristol Queercaf and co-organiser Anti-Racist and Proud Bloc, Bristol Pride), Humaira Saeed (Race Revolt ‘zine) and Mike Upton (Manchester Queer Reading Group)
Talks and discussion)
Conspiracy Theories and Camp Dynamics
by No Dash For Gas (Talk and Discussion/Q&A)

D. The Quiet Room (ground floor of Trinity behind the stage) – 12noon to 5pm only.
Here’s details of whats on, for more info see this blogpost.

12-1: Staying Strong: The Ups and Downs of Activism
Workshop by Counselling for Social Change
From undercover cops, violence, harassment, arrests and prison, political action can and does have a huge impact on our mental health. This workshop will discuss trauma and burnout, and what we can do to help ourselves and each other.

CSC_flyer_med1-5: Support & Advice – just come in any time
This is intended to be a quiet space for those who need to get away from the hustle & bustle of the bookfair, perhaps to reflect quietly or to seek advice about support.

Counselling for Social Change (CSC) will co-ordinate this space with trained/qualified volunteers, and provide advice & info about different counselling methods and other forms of urgent & longer term support across a range of issues. Just drop in any time!
Please note: CSC cannot provide confidential counselling in this space today, only advice, support & information.

CSC can be contacted at any time by people seeking support, in the following ways:
Tel: 01736 364 722

E. Permaculture garden (outside in the Trinity garden area)
The Trinity’s Permaculture garden collective volunteers will be present all day to talk about their project & show you around. They may have produce available from the garden, and there may be additional workshops around the project on the day – check outside when you arrive!

Next to the Garden Project is some green grass space and a small kids playground.

F. The Soap Box (outside on the Trinity grass)
Times & Comperes:
12.30-2pm – Cosmo Vinyl & Faith Taylor (with guitars)
3-4.30pm – Mike & Emma Weston Combo
What is the Soap Box – stand on a box with a microphone and have your say. Calling all ranters, poets, rappers, speakers, singers & political comedians – get up and have your say, from a one-liner to a max of 4 minutes each. No discriminatory language or abusive behaviour please. Heckling is welcomed, politicians are not! Each session will be compered by 2 people, who will fill in the gaps, encourage participation, and ensure you get to have your say.

rhz-2015-posterFBG. Radical History Zone (5 minutes down the road at Hydra Bookshop, capacity 30+)
Our long-term partners Bristol Radical History Group are once again co-ordinating this space with a focus on radical history.

Their programme for the day is now complete, and you can see the full programme on the BRHG website, and the Bookfair website, or as a pdf  RHZ_full info, and even as a Facebook event. Here’s just the meeting titles:
12-1: Siegi Moos and the Anti-Nazi Movement in pre-War Germany
by Merilyn Moos (author talk)
1-2 : Housing Activism and Squatting in 1970’s Bristol
“Mac” McConnell (talk with short film)
2-3: Cultures of Solidarity and the 1984-5 Miners’ Strike
by Diarmaid Kelliher (talk with short film)
3-4: Strikers, Hobblers, Conchies and Reds: A Radical History of Bristol 1880-1939
by Roger Ball, Steve Hunt and Mike Richardson of Bristol Radical History Group (book launch)
4-5: All Knees and Elbows of Susceptibility and Refusal: Reading History From Below
Anthony Iles and Tom Roberts (talk and discussion led by authors)
5-6.30: Resistance Struggles against Immigration Controls in Europe
by Tracing Movements (2 films + discussion)

Other Eventswhy not warm up for the Bookfair with a linked event – a gig, meeting, film showing, play, comedy or quiz night? Tell us about it and we’ll help publicise it! Email us direct at bristolanarchistbookfair[at] and we can have a chat. Thanks everyone!

The 2015 Bristol Anarchist Bookfair will only be as good as we can all collectively make it happen!
Thanks for your support & co-operation.
In solidarity
Bristol anarchist bookfair collective

Saturday May 12th 2018 Taking place at the Black Swan and BASE