Respect, Equality, Accessibility

welcomeRespect, Equality & Accessibility

We welcome everybody to this Bookfair and intend that everyone is treated with equal respect. We ask everyone attending to do likewise, respect others’ opinions, and respect the venue and the garden.

safeAs an Anarchist Bookfair we are opposed to all forms of discrimination & hierarchy, and intend the Bookfair to be a safe & comfortable space for everyone – we need everyones co-operation for this to happen: we ask everyone attending, be they anarchists or not, to keep an eye out for eachother, and to callout any discriminatory or abusive behaviour.

bafIn the event of an incident we would hope that the many anarchists present are more than capable of dealing with any issues. If you experience any discriminatory behaviour and need support dealing with it please find us at the Bookfair Infopoint.

If called upon the Bookfair Collective will intervene, and will remove individuals from the premises where necessary. We reserve the right to refuse admission.

accessible_entranceAccessibility – at Trinity Centre there are a number of designated disabled parking spaces, and an adapted toilet cubicle on each floor. There are 2 level access entrances to the venue, and a lift from the ground floor (near to Trinity reception) to first floor (outside stalls hall). If you have any accessibility issues please speak to us at the Infopoint.

At Hydra Bookshop there is level access into the shop, and a single toilet on the ground floor – but it is not accessible for a wheelchair user.

no camerasFilming/Recording – we increasingly live in a surveillance state, and it would be great not to be filmed for a day. So any filming/recording should only take place with the agreement of the organisers, and of those being recorded.

no copsCops & Journos – are not at all welcome in the Bookfair, nor are they needed. So stay away or you will be asked to leave.

no dogsNo Dogs – please note that Dogs are not allowed in the venues, except guide dogs. They are allowed in the outside space at Trinity Centre as long as they are well behaved and do not intimidate children or others. No fouling in the garden please!

nofagsNo smoking – inside Trinity Centre & Hydra Bookshop. Smoking is okay outside the two buildings.


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