Bookfair 2014 : List of Groups

All of these groups will have stalls at the Bookfair:

Active Distribution
Minor Compositions
Avon Coalition Against Big Bio-fuels
Black and Red Federation / Bath Anarchists
Bristol Against the Arms Trade
Bristol Antifascists
Bristol Anarchist Federation
Bristol Anarchist Black Cross
Bristol Defendant Solidarity
Bristol Claimants Union
Bristol Solidarity Network
Bristol Housing Action Movement
Bristol Hunt Saboteurs
Bristol IWW
Bristol Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Bristol Radical History Group
Just Seeds
Bristol Radical Film Festival
Bristol Solidarity Federation
Bristol Stop The War Coalition
Bristol University Anarchists
Boycott Workfare
Corporate Watch
Dreadnought Books
Earth First!
Exitstencil Press
Frack Free Bristol
Kebele Infoshop
Kebele Library
Natterjack Press
PM Press
Positive Money
Princesa Pirata Distro
Radical Routes
Reel News
Riotska Records
South West Against Nuclear
Stop Nato Cymru
Strike! Magazine
Tangent Books
The Land Magazine


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