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Celebrate 2years of active solidarity by Bristol Defendant Solidarity


Bristol Defendant Solidarity (BDS) was formed in the aftermath of the street resistance in Stokes Croft in late April 2011. That resistance occurred when the state acted to defend a newly opened Tesco shop on Cheltenham Rd which had been the focus of widespread community opposition.

Tesco closedA heavy-handed police raid on a squat virtually opposite the Tesco sparked street protests nearby by supporters, that escalated into rioting as the cops brought in back-up from several other forces in what looked like a pre-planned operation. Welsh cops didnt endear themselves to locals by blocking their streets and refusing them access to their own homes, and soon wider sections of the local community were on the streets giving the cops a runaround into the early hours. The Tesco shop was trashed and shut down for a week. Continue reading Celebrate 2years of active solidarity by Bristol Defendant Solidarity

Anarchist Bookfair After-Party Fundraiser


The Bookfair After-Party is a split fundraiser between the Bookfair and Bristol Defendant Solidarity. Come on down to socialise, wind down after the day, and dance yer socks off to the variety of live bands and DJ’s – more info.

It’s at The Croft, 117-119 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3RW, and runs from 8pm to 2am. £5 to get in on the door. Continue reading Anarchist Bookfair After-Party Fundraiser

Bristol Radical Film Festie brings anarchy back to Stokes Croft


lucioThis Saturday 2nd February, from 7pm, but its only a film (this time anyway). The Bristol Radical Film Festival (BRFF) as part of their ‘warm up’ events is showing the classic film ‘Lucio – bricklayer, forger & anarchist‘ and much more besides – at Hooper’s House Cafe, 113 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3RW Continue reading Bristol Radical Film Festie brings anarchy back to Stokes Croft

Fundraiser for Bristol Defendant Solidarity


Thursday 1st November sees a cracker of a benefit for Bristol Defendant Solidarity (BDS) at The Plough in Easton, Bristol BS5 (suggested donation £3). It so happens that on this occassion the music on offer is excellent – tunes, words you can hear, bit of a laugh – but that’s largely incidental, what really matters is the solidarity itself. Continue reading Fundraiser for Bristol Defendant Solidarity

A callout to Bristol anarchists. Do we want a Bookfair in 2012?


9 November: An anarchist assembly – do we want a bookfair in 2012?

Wouldn’t you like to play a part in a successful anarchist collective that for the last 4 years has been organising an annual event that is both highly public and explicitly anarchist…and just keeps getting bigger? From 350 people in 2008 to around 1500 attendees in 2011, the Bristol Bookfair has rapidly become the UK’s second largest, and reflects the exciting anarchist movements in this city.

We have always strongly believed the bookfair fulfills two key purposes: Continue reading A callout to Bristol anarchists. Do we want a Bookfair in 2012?

Bookfair feedback – you tell us


So that’s the 4th annual Bristol bookfair over. What did you think of it?

We put this short statement up on Bristol Indymedia on Monday 9 May – read it here.
Those of us in the bookfair collective are mulling over the bookfair and how it all went, and we’ll be having our own collective chat in a week or so time. But first, we would really like to know what you think? So come along and tell us…

photo from prsc website
photo from prsc website

Feedback Meeting – Sunday 15 May, 5 – 6.30pm, at Kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JY
This is for anyone who was at the bookfair – visitors, participants, stallholders, meeting organisers. Come and tell us your views, constructive criticism welcome! Continue reading Bookfair feedback – you tell us

7th May on Stokes Croft, Bristol: Anarchism – Big ideas for the new society


Anarchism – Big ideas For A New Society

Hot on the heels of the recent Stokes Croft disturbances, and coming at the end of a week of benefit gigs, meetings and film shows, communal meals and who knows what else…welcome to the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair 2011 – Resistance and Alternatives to Cuts. Continue reading 7th May on Stokes Croft, Bristol: Anarchism – Big ideas for the new society

Exclusive! Limited edition Bookfair t-shirt fundraiser


Exclusive to the Bookfair!
Designed by the Bookfair’s very own top secret in-house artist, known to the world only as the deeply mysterious ‘s_t_u_f_f_i_t’.

tshirt_image2A top quality black T-shirt, for men and women, image on front only. Strictly limited edition, 50 only, £8 a pop. Buy one on the day so we can pay for the venue hire. Available only on the day, and only from the AK Press stall, who have agreed a strict no-commission deal with us to sell it. Form an orderly queue please.
If we catch any of you trying to sell it on Ebay you’re for the chop.
We can’t wait to see what Sky ‘thick’ News, the Daily Mail Wail,  Jankers wankers and Bonkers Burchill make of ‘gurt lush’!

A note on Respect, filming and recording at the bookfair


Respect each other and the venue
Thanks to CoExist/Hamilton House and their liason person for hire of this venue in central Bristol. Please respect the venue and its many other users by – not smoking inside, clearing up your rubbish, and not entering those areas that are not part of the bookfair. More info about Hamilton House.

We want the bookfair to be accessible to all, whatever their age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity or ability. All floors are wheelchair accessible. We ask people to respect each other’s opinions and allow the free flow of ideas, even when you disagree. We will not accept any racist, sexist or other abusive or oppressive behaviour – you will be asked to leave. Animals are not allowed in the building, except guide dogs. Continue reading A note on Respect, filming and recording at the bookfair

Election over. Now for some real politics – check out these stalls!


Well thats another fairly pointless election over, where quite frankly whoever you voted for would still implement the cuts.

Perhaps the only really interesting bit will be the AV referendum result – who got the bloodiest nose, was it the anti-AV Tories, or the pro-AV Yellow Tories the LibDems? Will the government fall…? Now that would be a result.

Looking for some real alternatives? Check out the amazing array of stalls at the Bookfair this Saturday providing anarchist and radical views and analysis on all the topics under the sun, and some above it too. Alongside history, theory, analysis and debate, there are also explorations of real alternative ways of living our lives and organising ourselves. Continue reading Election over. Now for some real politics – check out these stalls!