Never Mind The Ballots…It’s The Full Bookfair programme!


BF15prog_frontAWelcome one and all to the Full Programme for The 7th Bristol Anarchist Bookfair, on Saturday 25th April 2015, from 11.00am – 6pm, at Trinity Centre, Trinity Rd, Bristol BS2 0NW, with Radical History Zone nearby at Hydra Bookshop. We’ll be seeing you very soon…

We’ve now printed 1000 copies of the programme, to be handed out on the day. We make it available here now for you to see what’s on and when, so feel free to share it, print it off, or just read it online. It is possible there may be one or two minor changes over the next week, if so we will edit the information available online as and when that happens. So you may wish to check back and look at these pages:  main 2015 Bookfair page  /  Stalls Page / Workshops/Meetings Page  /  publicity page  /  Respect, Equality & Accessibility page   /  Directions & Transport page After-Party page  The Programme is set out below in image format (click to enlarge).

It is also available in pdf format here:  BF15_All meetings timetable (192kb file)  /   BF15prog_outerpages_A3format (4mb file) / BF15prog_outerpages_A5format (4mb file)
Please note – Stalls listing & stall locations have changed since printing – see Stalls page for updates.
Enjoy! It’s gonna be a mighty fine day of anarchy…



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Never Mind The Ballots…It’s The 7th Bristol Anarchist Bookfair!


2015_poster_medIt’s back! It’s Angry, not apathetic!

Coming at you live and direct from east-central Bristol, just 13 days before the 2015 British General Election & local elections, we are pleased to invite you to the 7th Bristol Anarchist Bookfair – and there wont be a single lying, corrupt, austerity-enforcing, media-spinning politician in sight.

Saturday 25th April 2015,
11.00am – 6pm,
Trinity Centre, Trinity Rd,
Bristol BS2 0NW

Forms for booking stalls & proposing meetings/workshops are available online now. Full Bookfair Info. Continue reading

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Elections, Rojava (West Kurdistan), and Cops – the main debates @ the Anarchist Bookfair


FBpage_bannerLgeHere’s the details for the 3 meetings in our largest meeting space at the Bristol anarchist bookfair tomorrow, the Assembly Room, up on the 1st floor at Trinity Centre.

Do come along, have a listen to what the speakers say, and then question or contribute as you wish. Elsewhere in Trinity you’ll find some 59 tables of Stalls, an all day vegan cafe, a kids (with adults) space, the Soap Box outside, 3 more meetings spaces at trinity, and the Radical History Zone down the road at Hydra Bookshop. Enjoy!

The Assembly Room  Meetings
(1st floor at Trinity, at top of stairs leading up from main entrance)

12noon-1.45: Elections – what is the point if the government always gets in?
Debate with Steve Norman (Class War Party), Bonnie (Anarchist Federation) & more TBC + audience discussion

British democracy is failing as the main political parties compete to manage society in the interests of the rich & powerful minority. The system is stacked in favour of a political elite defined by their class, connections and power. More radical grassroots parties cannot compete on a level playing field, and in those rare instances when they do succeed (ie Syriza in Greece), the powerful elites conspire to render the electorates choices redundant and representative democracy a farce.

So is there any point in spending a small fortune to stand radical candidates? Doesn’t it just legitimise a system designed to keep us under control? What alternatives are there to parliamentary democracy? Does our real power exist in our streets & communities, or via the ballot box? Join the debate!

2-3.45: Rojava (West Kurdistan) – experiments in resistance and direct community democracy
Talk & discussion with Zaher Baher (Kurdistan Anarchist Forum & Haringey Solidarity Group) on the current situation; Adil (Bristol) with reflections on historical struggles in Kurdistan.

When the male & female Kurdish fighters in Kobane resisted the barbaric fascists of the Islamic State in northern Syria, the world was inspired to respond, and our attention was grabbed by the brave women on the frontlines, an unusual sight in the region!

News emerged that behind the frontlines in the autonomous regions of Rojava a revolution was underway that embraced both gender equality and non-hierarchical organising. Influenced by anarchist thinkers such as Murray Bookchin, it appears that the Kurdish PKK have abandoned Stalinism in favour of ‘municipal libertarianism’, is it anarchism?

After a lifetime of activity and with an intimate knowledge of the Kurdish struggle, Zaher Baher has spent time in both Iraq & Syria and brings a unique insight to these struggles; whilst Adil reflects on anti-state struggles in the region going back to the 1970’s.

4-5.45: Resisting Repression in the UK Plc
Talks & discussion with Tom Fowler (South Wales Anarchists), Police Spies Out Of Lives (PSOOL) & Bristol Defendant Solidarity (BDS)

Speakers from South Wales Anarchists & PSOOL will give a unique insight into 2 court cases taken against the police over the mis-behaviours of undercover police spies, the ongoing unmasking of these spies, and the emotional & psychological impacts on the activists involved (and in some cases their children), and how they are fighting back.

BDS will follow up with the latest news & resistance from Bristol as the CID task force Operation Rhone harasses the activist community whilst failing to catch anyone in relation to over 100 attacks against capital & the state by ‘persons unknown’.

With a focus on resisting state repression as we slide towards an authoritarian surveillance state, the audience is invited to help consider what can we all do to turn back the blue tide of filth?

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Get on the SOAP BOX @ the Anarchist Bookfair


soap_cartoonThe SOAP BOX is a new event at this year’s Bristol anarchist bookfair. With the political party campaigns for the 2015 General & Local Elections being incredibly stage-managed and non-controversial affairs, we hope the Soap Box will provide a further public space for people to have their say at the Bookfair.

What is the Soap Box – it’s a bit like Speakers Corner, or old-style political campaigning – stand on a box with a microphone and have your say. Calling all dreamers, ranters, poets, rappers, speakers, singers & jokers – get up and have your say, from a one-liner to a max of 4 minutes each. No discriminatory language or abusive behaviour please. Heckling is welcomed, politicians are not! Each session will be compered by 2 people, who will fill in the gaps, encourage participation, and ensure you get to have your say. And we know a lot of you have a lot to say!

soap_woodboxThe Soap Box will be outside at Trinity, located on the edge of the green space. Times & Comperes are:
12.30-2pm – Cosmo Vinyl & Faith Taylor (with guitars)
3-4.30pm – Mike & Emma Weston Combo

So…get ready to have a go this Saturday 25 April!

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Kids (with adults) Space @ the Anarchist Bookfair


Kids_flyer_medWe intend once again this year that the Bristol anarchist bookfair, on Saturday 25 April,  is a kids & family friendly event. We would therefore like to thank the Bristol-Men Against Patriarchy group (FB page), and friends, for taking on the ‘Kids (with adults) Space’, and vastly improving it.

The ‘Kids (with adults) Space’ will be on the ground floor of Trinity Centre, opposite the Cafe. There’ll be some comfy seating, soft toys, games, arts materials, facepainting, storytelling, tables etc, and space for kids to move around freely. It’ll run from 12noon-5.30pm and there’s a timetable of events for the day – see image.

Kidspace_timesPlease note this is not a supervised creche, you will need to remain with your children.

There is also space for kids outside in the Garden – green space to play in & a small adventure playground (weather permitting!). Plus the Bookfair vegan cafe will do you kids portions if you ask.

We look forwards to seeing you at the Bookfair.

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The Room with a View meetings @ the Anarchist Bookfair


ballotsFBThe Room with a View at the Bookfair is another of the five spaces at the Trinity Centre where different groups/individuals are contributing workshops. There is an emphasis on sharing information & experiences to generate debate, and interaction is positively encouraged. Remember that none of the speakers are professional politicians – just ordinary impassioned people like you and us – ensuring minimal spin & bullshit! You can see details of all the Bookfair meetings here.

There’s a wide range of topics. Details are below, with some useful links, or you can download this pdf & print RoomwithView_meet details : Continue reading

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The Breakout Room meetings @ the Anarchist Bookfair


FBpage_bannerLgeThe Breakout Room at the Bookfair is one of five spaces at the Trinity Centre where debates will rage and interaction is positively encouraged. Remember that none of the speakers are professional politicians – just ordinary impassioned people like you and us – ensuring minimal spin & bullshit! 

There’s a wide range of topics. Details are below or you can download this pdf & print off Breakout Room_meet details : Continue reading

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The QUIET Support Room @ the Anarchist Bookfair


We thought we’d try something a little different at this year’s Bookfair, and use one of the smaller rooms as a way of offering a space of Quiet and Support. Some people can find crowded spaces a bit of a hassle, so this room is somewhere to go if you just want to grab a little peace & quiet. You can also come here if you are looking for support (or know someone who you’d like to find help for) – be it dealing with activist burnout or trauma, or with other issues in your life. We hope this is a useful addition to the Bookfair!

CSC_flyer_medWe have asked Counselling for Social Change (website) to co-ordinate this room. They are an activist support project of trained & qualified volunteers who provide counselling for activists in need. They are based in Cornwall, where they offer face to face counselling and some retreats. They also offer activists telephone counselling, which is provided by various of their volunteers dotted around the country. Here is where they’ll be at the Bookfair, with an outline of what they’ll be doing (details from our programme): Continue reading

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Radical History Zone @ the Anarchist Bookfair


rhz-2015-posterOnce again this year on Saturday 25 April, comrades from the Bristol Radical History Group have taken on organising a small Radical History Zone as a part of the Bristol anarchist bookfair.

Again they’ll be based at Hydra Bookshop all day, which is at 34 Old Market, Bristol BS2 0EZ – just a 5 minute walk from Trinity Centre – and running a series of 6 meetings starting at 12noon.

Hydra naturally also sells books, and coffee & cake!  Meanwhile a few of BRHG will also be running a bookstall up at the Bookfair in the Trinity Centre (on the 1st floor) – do check out their excellent series of local radical history pamphlets!

Here is the full RHZ programme, you can also find it on the BRHG website, download it here as a pdf RHZ_full info and indeed as a Facebook event. Continue reading

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Timetable of Meetings at the Bookfair


We’re pleased to announce our timetable of meetings/workshops for the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair, on the 25 April, at the Trinity Centre in Bristol, with the Radical History Zone just down the road at Hydra Bookshop.

The meetings are spread across 5 spaces, and plus we have the Soap Box outside for a mix of entertainment and ranting. There’s a wide range of topics up for discussion and debate, so come on down and join in. Ideas & Information for Action!

You can see the full timetable on the image below (click to enlarge), or you can read/download them from this pdf  BF15_All meetings timetable.

We will shortly be adding all this info in more detail to the Workshops/Meetings page on the website. We’ll see you on the 25th.

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Never mind the ballots…it’s the Bookfair After-Party!


BF2015party_postermedAfter-Party & Fundraiser
 Saturday 25 April, 6.00pm-2.00am,
at the Red Lion,
206 Whitehall Rd, Easton, BS5 9BP.
This is gonna be a stormer – big thanx to the gig crew!

Bands (from approx 8.30pm):
Grand Collapse
Mercurious Rising,
Viva Zapata! + DJ’s

£5 on the door – a split fundraiser for the Bookfair and Bristol Defendant Solidarity – but if we don’t need the money from it then we’ll give it all to BDS.

Share the FB event link with yer friends!

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